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Container Pools Unlimited in Size

For the first time ever, our Texas factory builds multi-container pools for a size limited only by your imagination.

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Perfectly Simple Design.

Fit more in. Or fit in more places. Ecopool is now available in 8 or 16 foot widths and in lengths up to 40 feet. More spacious, stronger, and wrapped in class-leading innovations plus a style that's bold yet elegant. With options for a wider and longer size for more space for entertaining or relaxing, Ecopool lets you live larger without the hefty price. You have the choice of inground, partially inground or onground. Start your Ecopool adventure when it's being crafted. Where you take it is up to you.


Treat Yourself to More Space.

For the first time ever, engineers at Ecopool developed a patent-pending process for connecting multiple shipping containers in a modular system. This perfect marriage of modern with industrial removes the confining size limits of the past. Ecopool is available in 8 or 16 foot widths and in lengths up to 40 feet. Personalize any way you like. All in our 3D Pool Studio.

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Goodbye Limits.
Everything has changed.

You’ve never seen a pool like this. In the hands of master craftsmen, shipping containers are transformed into an engineering work of art . From hand-welded steel structures to your choice of 9 designer interior styles, every Ecopool is hand built in Texas with pride. Ecopool leaps ahead with a modern design, more strength and more capacity than ever before. For the first time ever, Ecopool is offered in patent-pending multi-container configurations for unlimited sizes.

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True to Form. True to Function.

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Intelligent Mix of Materials

Ultramodern components carry a character that defies aging. Time-proven and beloved, the welded steel structure comes together with bank-vault precision. Everything leads to a spacious, state-of-the-art, and artfully finished interior. Choose surface designs from tile or stone. Within the timeless shape are state-of-the-art technologies like algae resistant polymer surfaces, low chemical ultraviolet water disinfection and autonomous underwater pool cleaning robots.


Impressive Results.

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And a spark to one's emotions.

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Premium Interior Surfaces

With only the finest awe-inspiring materials, Ecopool both looks beautiful and works beautifully. Their fascinating lines and materials set them apart from every other pool on earth and make them truly unique. Each polymer interior surface is finished with your choice of 9 designer options, from tile to stone. This revolutionary polymer membrane is the ideal swimming pool surface: easy to maintain, nonporous for reduced chemical demand, flexible to resist ground movement, and it isn't abrasive to the feet like plaster pool surfaces.


Built to Outlive any Trend.

A high-strength, shipping container-based core is the key to impeccable strength and durability. It leads its class in torsional and longitudinal rigidity. Steel composes 97% of its weight, with advanced polymers among the remainder.

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Confident in Any Backyard.

In the earth. On top of the earth. Or anywhere in between. Each of our steel pools are engineered and structurally designed using the most comprehensive computer design and modeling tools.

Innovation. 8 Patents Pending.

5 Structural Patents

2 Surface Material Patents

1 Assembly Patent

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Proprietary 8 Layer Wall Design

Supported by a modular structural steel system, each Ecopool contains approximately five times the amount of steel as a typical inground pool. The steel heavy 8 layer design withstands settling and shifting much better than concrete pools.

There is a clear emphasis on craftsmanship that cannot be matched outside the factory controlled environment. And best of all, each pool is made with our most important tool: our hands.

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Autonomous Pool Cleaning Robots.

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Low Chemical UV Water Disinfection.

container pool with UV sanitation

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