Hand Built in Texas by Master Craftsman Just for You

Ecopool is a loyal testament to the craftsmanship and values of days gone by. In a world where fewer and fewer things are made by people that like making, we’re excited to hand-craft steel the same way as our forefathers. Set near the beautiful Texas hill country, Xdesk meticulously makes each pool by hand and with incredible attention to detail, even in areas never seen.

Ecopool manufactures the high quality steel pools for recreation, fitness and leisure activities. With only the finest awe-inspiring materials, Ecopool both looks beautiful and works beautifully. For the first time in history, Ecopool offers a patent-pending 16 foot wide pool. Chose 20 feet or 40 feet of length. We would have released it sooner, but were were too busy applying for patents.


The New Generation.

Ecopool leaps ahead with one of a kind materials, a modern design, more strength and more capacity than ever before. For the first time ever, Ecopool is offered in a multi-container assembly for unlimited sizes. Hand-welded steel structures are hand-crafted for a design that perfectly marries modern with industrial. Maximum stability is achieved with welded solid steel frame containing several tons of steel. The result is a bold modern industrial design with 9 patents pending. Premium options range from a polymer based premium tile interior to ultraviolet water disinfection, there are over a thousand possible combinations.

partially inground container pool
partially inground container pool


Iconic Visionary Design.

The idea for Ecopool springs from strolling around in Texas port cities, exploring the urban fringe. We were drawn in by the industrial design we found everywhere. In previously abandoned places like old breweries and run-down factory buildings. Made from steel, each pool in our line features over 300 hand welds and alludes to a time when things were built to last. Ecopool places emphasis on essential appeal, practicality, clean-cut lines with a design free of any superfluous decorations.


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